Balboa Calendar

This calendar is no longer kept updated, but if you are missing a certain event (full weekend minimum), send me an email and I will add it.

The events written in blueish are dedicated Balboa events (but can provide short tasters in other dances). As a general rule of thumb, these Balboa events are the best places to learn and dance Balboa, and the bigger events are where the real Balboa fanatics usually go.

The events written in greenish are mixed camps where other dances are taught and danced as well, but where a full Balboa track is available. These camps often provide good Balboa teachers so the classes can be great, but the social dancing is usually not as good as in the dedicated Bal events (from a strict Balboa perspective, that is). This is a very good alternative if you for example are new to Balboa and don't feel comfortable with dancing only Balboa in the evenings.

At the events written in gray, some Balboa is taught, but they don't provide a full-time Balboa track. These events can be a good place to try Balboa for the first time, or to get a private lesson.

Scandinavia Europe World
January 22-24th Scandinavian Shuffle, Helsinki
28-30th Vinterlägret, Uppsala
3-8th Moscow Christmas Swing Dance Camp, Moscow, Russia
February 26-28th Vinterjump, Oslo 11-14th Goodnight Sweetheart, Hertford, UK
12-15th Rock That Swing Festival, München, Germany
20-21st Balboa Bandwagon, Reading, UK
27th-1st Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout, Denver, CO, USA
March 5-7th Hamburg Balboa Weekend, Germany
April 8-11th Balboa Rendezvous, San Diego and Balboa Peninsula, CA, USA
May 6-9th Balboa on the Promenade, Mandelieu and Cannes, France
June 10-13th All Balboa Weekend, Cleveland, OH, USA
July (dates TBA) Herräng Dance Camp
August (dates TBA) Summer Camp, Eauze, France (dates TBA) Camp Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA
September (dates TBA) Sweden Balboa Weekend, Uppsala
October (dates TBA) London Balboa Festival, UK
December (dates TBA) The Snowball, Stockholm (dates TBA) Frenchie Balboa Festival, Toulouse, France

We have been to most of the annual Balboa camps and workshops ourselves, so if you have questions about the events and where to go, feel free to ask us for advice (perhaps we'll also add some reviews of the camps here in the future).