Balboa Fundamentals for Experienced Beginners

So, you've done some dancing in your life, but never Balboa before? This is an intensive course to give you a flying start with Balboa, and get past the beginner level quickly. (If you haven't done so much couple dancing before, look out for our Absolute Beginners Course later on. In that course we teach the fundamentals of Balboa, and also some fundamentals of couple dancing, in a much more comfortable pace.)

If you don't know what Balboa is, read this description and watch some online video clips.


Two weekends, 7-8th and 14-15th of February 2009.


Anna Printzell and Jan Johansson.


You have danced some partner dance (such as Argentine Tango, Ballroom, Lindy Hop, Bugg or Salsa) regularly for at least two years. You feel confident with the concept of leading and following in our dance. Now you want to try something new to broaden your dance perspective.


Regular fee 500 kr, including fika and VAT. Advance payment is required, payment instructions will be included in the confirmation email that you will receive when you have been admitted to the course.

Discounts: If you have taken this course before and want to do it again you get a 250 kr discount (pay 250 kr), and if you have taken the intermediate course (BIC) you can join in for free. The only thing we require is that you participate the whole course, so the leader follower balance stays even.


The course runs over two weekends:

Saturday February 7th Sunday February 8th Saturday February 14th Sunday February 15th
12.45-13.00 Registration
13.00-14.00 Lesson 1 Lesson 4 Lesson 7 Lesson 10
14.10-15.10 Lesson 2 Lesson 5 Lesson 8 Lesson 11
15.30-16.30 Lesson 3 Lesson 6 Lesson 9 Lesson 12


Annedalsgården, Carl Grimbergsgatan 52 (close to Linnéplatsen).


The course will be held in English if any participant doesn't understand Swedish.


If you live in a place where there is a dance scene but no Balboa courses, this weekend course is a great opportunity to get started! Why not gather some friends as well, and plant the seed for a local Balboa scene in your town? This time we will try to organize hosting with local dancers for anyone traveling from out of town. If you want hosting or if you can host people, check the boxes below and we'll contact you later.


The improvers course (BIM) in March is meant as a direct followup on this course. You can sign up for both these courses at the same time if you want (to reserve a place for BIM).


Use the registration form below to sign up, and you will be admitted on a first come first served basis. You can either sign up alone or with a partner, if you want to get admitted together. We change partners frequently during classes though, so all leaders get to dance with all followers and vice versa.


If you have any questions about this course, please contact us by email:

Registration form for the course Balboa Fundamentals for Experienced Beginners, February 7-8th and 14-15th 2009

This course is canceled, the next beginners course will be in the Autumn.

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