Anna Printzell

Anna Printzell
Photo: Margareta Printzell

Anna started dancing Balboa in 2005.

She also dances Lindy Hop since 1999, she danced swedish Folkdance around 1998-1999 and Argentine Tango around 1999-2003.

"What makes Balboa such an amazing dance is that it gives you the possibility to express the music together with your partner, to interpret it in your own way and at the same time get inspired by how your partner interprets the same music. Eventhough Balboa is an intensive lead/follow dance, it leaves a lot of room for the followers own variations. This might not be obvious for a beginner, but the longer you dance the easier it gets. The great music is another reason why I love to dance Balboa. Another thing I like about Balboa is that the dance can be varied in so many ways. It can be small, close and discrete - or big and flashy."

Anna was a member of the Balboa Committee of the West Coast Jitterbugs 2006-2007. She is a dance teacher and organizer within the Gothenburg Balboa Institute since 2007.

Her main teaching partner, and partner for life, is Jan Printzell.

Balboa Teaching Experience

Balboa Beginners (WCJ members only) with Jan Johansson, Autumn 2006

Balboa Beginners (WCJ members only) with Jan Johansson, Spring 2007

Balboa Improvers at Gothenburg Balboa Weekend assisting Dan Guest, March 2007

Balboa Beginners at the Lund/Malmö Invation with Jan Johansson, April 2007

Balboa for Absolute Beginners with Jan Johansson, Spring 2008

Balboa for Experienced Beginners with Jan Johansson, Autumn 2008

Balboa Intermediate with Jan Johansson, Autumn 2008

Balboa for Experienced Beginners with Jan Johansson, Spring 2009

Attended Balboa Workshops and Camps

Herräng Dance Camp 2005

Stockholm Balboa Weekend 2005

Herräng Dance Camp 2006

Sweden Balboa Weekend 2006

London Balboa Festival 2006

Vinterlägret in Uppsala 2007

Gothenburg Balboa Weekend 2007

Gothenburg Pure-Bal Weekend 2007

Studio Hop Summer Camp 2007

Sweden Balboa Weekend 2007

Balboa United 2007

London Balboa Festival 2007

Gothenburg Balboa Weekend 2007

Frenchie Balboa Festival 2007

Snowball 2007-2008

Paris Balboa and Shag Festival 2008

All Laminu Weekend 2008

Copenhagen Bal X-perience 2008

All Balboa Weekend 2008

2nd All Laminu Weekend in Copenhagen 2008

Sweden Balboa Weekend 2008

London Balboa Festival 2008

Frenchie Balboa Festival 2008

Scandinavian Shuffle in Copenhagen 2009

Balboa Styling Workshop in Gothenburg 2009

Sweden Balboa Weekend 2009

Private Balboa Lessons

Anna has taken private lessons from the following teachers:

Anne-Helène Cavasa, Anne Mills, Bart Bartolo, Bernard Cavasa, Bobby White, Dan Guest, David Rehm, Dean Raftery, Isabella Gregorio, Janne Holmberg, Jessica Lennartsson, Jonathan Bixby, Kate Hedin, Lila Desatoff, Marty Klempner, Mia Goldsmith, Nick Williams, Valerie Sandstrom, Peter Loggins, Ray Cunningham, Sylvia Sykes, Trina Dobbs, Vincenzo Fesi